Counselling Support for clients with Dermatological AutoImmune Diseases such as HS-Hidradenitis Suppurative, Shingles, and Psoriasis. Hypnotherapy –  Helping with ANXIETY, PERSONAL GROWTH, HEALING, BALANCE, and PERFORMANCE

Cheryl Otterbein RTC, HT,

Psychotherapist/Registered Therapeutic Counsellor.

Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist/Instructor.

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Cheryl did a hypnotherapy session on me and my girls. Not knowing what to expect we went in with an open mind. We were pleasantly surprised coming out of the session feeling very relaxed. My personal session was to deal with my menopausal hot flashes. Cheryl said that if my hot flashes didn’t go away, they would be reduced. This is what has happened they have reduced in strength, length and frequency. I highly recommend this treatment by Cheryl! She was professional and I feel amazing.

Thank you

Tina Bourassa