Counselling Support for clients with Dermatological AutoImmune Diseases such as HS-Hidradenitis Suppurative, Shingles, and Psoriasis. Hypnotherapy –  Helping with ANXIETY, PERSONAL GROWTH, HEALING, BALANCE, and PERFORMANCE

Cheryl Otterbein RTC, HT,

Psychotherapist/Registered Therapeutic Counsellor.

Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist/Instructor.

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  • I went to see Cheryl because I was having major test anxiety.  Starting 1 to 2 weeks prior to an exam I would become so nervous I couldn’t focus on normal everyday things let alone studying for an exam.  The day before the exam and the day of the exam I’d come down with sudden flu like symptoms.  After just one session I no longer have any of the symptoms.  1 to 2 weeks prior to my last exam I felt calm and composed.  I’m able to actually study and focus…so much so that I was able to help calm other people down!!

Trisha F reviewed Life is Now Therapy—5 stars