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I went to see Cheryl about my fear of snakes. I was skeptical,  however the fear was stopping me from enjoying anything outdoors.  After a single session with Cheryl, I was no longer skeptical, as I can even hold […]

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Stress Management

A fantastic, natural way to manage stress and life’s challenges. We all need help from time to time. Laura at Boost Physiotherapy in Stony plain, AB  Read More


I went to see Cheryl about some vertigo issues. I had it so bad the doctors weren’t sure why it wasn’t getting any better. Plus I was looking to do something more natural then take medication. Cheryl has […]

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Stress & Anxiety

I went to see Cheryl about my stress & anxiety.  She put me into a calm relaxed state and not only did I sleep really well that night following my session, more importantly my anxiety has disappeared.  I have been […]

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I went to see Cheryl because I was having major test anxiety.  Starting 1 to 2 weeks prior to an exam I would become so nervous I couldn’t focus on normal everyday things let alone studying for an exam.  The […]

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