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Cheryl Otterbein RTC, HT

Clinical Counseling Hypnotherapist

Can’t Make it to our Office? Distance Sessions are Available.

A distance session is convenient from the comfort of your home. This session requires you to have noise-canceling headphones and a computer or phone that allows us to see each other. You will need to be in a very comfortable position without any disturbances. This allows the session to be exactly like the experience as an in-office session. This gives more convenience and means you can do your sessions from virtually anywhere.

Hi, my name is Cheryl Otterbein.  I am the owner-operator of “Life Is Now Therapy”.  My clinical results therapy office is located in Stony Plain, Alberta.  I provide the support you need to rid yourself of deep-seated issues and problems that have been holding you back in life. My background is in the medical field.   I have served in various capacities for many years, including work with an emergency air ambulance, doctor’s offices of general practitioners and specialist doctors associated with the U of A Hospital, and more.

A graduate of the master’s program, I have also furthered my education and experience in a clinical counseling hypnotherapy setting.  I am a clinical Counseling Hypnotherapist, and also the founder and Instructor of the Meristem Therapy Academy.


I also maintain memberships with several professional organizations to which I am in good standing.



    I went to see Cheryl about my fear of snakes. I was skeptical,  however, the fear was stopping me from enjoying anything outdoors.  After a single session with Cheryl, I was no longer skeptical, as I can even hold a snake now. What a difference, hypnotherapy has given me back my life!


    A fantastic, natural way to manage stress and life’s challenges. We all need help from time to time.


    Boost Physiotherapy, Stony Plain

    I went to see Cheryl about some vertigo issues. I had it so bad the doctors weren’t sure why it wasn’t getting any better. Plus I was looking to do something more natural then take medication.
    Cheryl has a very calm and collective approach with her practice and what’s best for each person she comes across. Since the last time seeing Cheryl, my vertigo has been way better. I’m able to function on a daily basis thanks to Cheryl. I also no longer take my medication for vertigo!


    I went to see Cheryl about my stress & anxiety.  She put me into a calm relaxed state and not only did I sleep really well that night following my session, more importantly, my anxiety has disappeared.  I have been able to resume my daily life without all the stress from life’s drama it caused in the past.

    Thanks Cheryl!


    I went to see Cheryl because I was having major test anxiety.  Starting 1 to 2 weeks prior to an exam I would become so nervous I couldn’t focus on normal everyday things let alone studying for an exam.  The day before the exam and the day of the exam I’d come down with sudden flu-like symptoms.  After just one session I no longer have any of the symptoms.  1 to 2 weeks prior to my last exam I felt calm and composed.  I’m able to actually study and focus…so much so that I was able to help calm other people down!!

    Trisha F.

    Cheryl addressed the issue I had with my addiction to sugary sweets. I was warned by my doctor about becoming borderline diabetic. Cheryl has helped me turn away from sugar without the cravings. I no longer think about this and I have more control now.

    David M.

    Very professional, empathetic and I love how she takes care of me the moment I walk in the door. Cheryl customized every session we had together. I loved my appointments.

    Kristine R.