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My name is Cheryl Otterbein and I offer support for clients dealing with anxiety, stress, smoking cessation, phobias, past life issues and much more. I’ve spent years of training and I am a Certified Clinical Results Therapist, My goal is to guide you to the root of the issues you want to eliminate in your life.

My work helps address long-term conditions and break certain habits by guiding you through the process of clearing your mind, so you can focus on the most important aspects of your life. There are few things as rewarding in life as seeing clients become free from anxiety. Life opens up in incredible ways when you aren’t held back by unnecessary and harmful habits. As one of the few certified clinical results therapists in Canada who provides certified virtual gastric band bypass for weight loss, I am the ideal choice if that is your primary goal. Whether you need to change your behavior or need to lose weight, the process will help clear your mind and allow you to achieve or regain your focus to achieve your goals.

Reported Side Effects of Sessions are...

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Better sleep leads you to another side effect; FEELING BETTER in all aspects of your life

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Too many times our LOVED ONES get the brunt of our Stressful days. Let's prevent that.

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Imagine your bosses reaction with your improved WORK ETHIC. Could a raise come your way???

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You and your FAMILY will see the difference!



I went to see Cheryl about my fear of snakes. I was skeptical,  however the fear was stopping me from enjoying anything outdoors.  After a single session with Cheryl, I was no longer skeptical, as I can even hold […]

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Stress Management

A fantastic, natural way to manage stress and life’s challenges. We all need help from time to time. Laura at Boost Physiotherapy in Stony plain, AB  Read More


I went to see Cheryl about some vertigo issues. I had it so bad the doctors weren’t sure why it wasn’t getting any better. Plus I was looking to do something more natural then take medication. Cheryl has […]

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